A couple dies while trying to save their dog from drowning

A couple dies while trying to save their dog from drowning

The World.- A young couple drowned while trying to save their small dog He was dragged through a park canal in Argentina.

The events were recorded at 5:30 pm in recent days, when a 911 emergency call alerted what was happening. She indicated that a couple fell to the bottom of the canal in an area known as Chachingo Park.

The couple’s 9-year-old son informed neighbors where his parents had fallen.

Police in the area were able to pull the couple out of the water, but unfortunately they were unable to revive them. The tragedy occurred in front of their son in the town Maypo In Mendoza, Argentina.

The father of the family has been identified as Gaston Navarro27 years old, launched the channel to help Family pets He fell into the water and could not get up because he was stung by a bee.

The young man could not help the canine, so his partner stood up Michaela Diaz He also jumped into the canal to help get the dog out.

But due to the force with which the water current travels in the canal, the young parents end up succumbing to the onslaught of the liquid and They ended up drowning In front of their son, who was waiting for them at the edge of the place.

The small dog also died when it was swept away by the current.

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