A magical movie could have a space in one of the Disney parks

A magical movie could have a space in one of the Disney parks

Disney movie Charm It will have its own attraction in one of the company’s famous parks, according to Puerto Rican New Yorker Lin-Manuel Miranda, the songwriter for the short film that was filmed in Colombia.

Musician, actor and playwright He told Insider that the Disney division that develops the parks is already in the works On the project to create an amusement park, he still does not know its details.

In addition, he had previously commented that he imagined it For those present at the Disney parks wandering through the famous Madriga housel, which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature this year.

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The actor also indicated that he has already spoken with Disney CEO Bob Tangle What would this experience look like where people can enter the houseWatch the characters and experience the feeling of being in a magical world.

Miranda confirmed that he trusts the attraction will be ready before a potential sequel is released. From the tape or TV series in which the world of Colombian magical realism is recreated.

But the artist isn’t the only one to support this idea, wondered actor Josh Gad, who gave the voice to Olaf in Disney’s “Frozen,” the movie giant. Entertainment that opens the District on Columbia at Epcot theme park, in Orlando (Florida)And it includes a complete tour about magic: “Disney Parks, please make this happen,” he asked on Twitter.

The animated film grossed $96 million in the United States, for a total 254 million globally, according to the specialized page Box Office Mojo.

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