A pitbull-bred cat affects networks because of his “personal problems”

A pitbull-bred cat affects networks because of his “personal problems”

A cat went viral on social media after it was videotaped showing dog-like behavior, could it have personality issues?

Although he is a platform user tik tok @donviralvids explained that his cat’s behavior is due to Cats were raised with two bullswhich seems inseparable for a moment.

“My cat only grew up with dogs and now has a personality issue,” is the text that accompanies the photo series in the video.

Tweet embed My cat thinks it’s a dog!! what i do ? #Widely #from Internet #fyp #gatosticktok Funny song – Cavendish music

In a clip, pictures of the cat are shown holding a tough look as well as sitting in great poise next to pitbull dogs.

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While in another video, the angry face of cats appears after he called his owners starts barking.

Tweet embed Reply to cirogkmv original sound – alshammari

video with 35 million views Millions of users were surprised, as the cat seems to have a rude character like the bulls that accompany him.

“He’s a bully cat, one of the herd, he followed Barbie’s advice: you can be whatever you want to be, the cat waits for the chain collar to look more intimidating, the cat is more terrifying than dogs,” were some of the comments made by users on the social network.

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