Fire in Pennsylvania, USA, kills 10, including 3 children

Fire in Pennsylvania, USA, kills 10, including 3 children

in state Pennsylvaniain United State, at least 10 people, including three children, were killed in a house fire on Friday The police announced the aforementioned area east of the country.

What is known about the fire in Pennsylvania, USA?

Rescue teams went early this day August 5 to the house we spill youwhich is a small city in the east of the state of Pennsylvaniawhere 10 victims, including three minors, two boys and a girlFound dead in the building, pointed Pennsylvania Police through a statement.

It is worth noting that Three adults managed to leave the place unharmed, The police did not specify the cause of the fire.

“I heard a bang, I thought it was a gunshot. I looked out the window and saw the house on the corner, the corridor on fire. I was on fire ”

Mike Swank, a neighbor of the place announced

American media pictures showed house ruinsCompletely engulfed in flames.

The two dead children were five and six years old and the girl was seven years old.. The rest of the other victims ranged between 19 and 79 years old.

The firefighter lost two of his sons

Harold BakerA firefighter we spill you called to control the fire, He lost two of his children and knew eight of the 10 victimshe told the New York Times.

at the beginning of the year, Two horrific fires affected the northeastern United StatesPHOTO: 17 people, including eight children, were killed Jan. 9 in a building in the New York slum of the Bronx.

Five days earlier, eight children and four adults were killed in a fire in a downtown Philadelphia apartment building. The main city in Pennsylvania.

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