A teacher in the United States removes face masks in the middle of class and infects her students – El Financiero


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its English acronym) has released a report on the registered COVID-19 outbreak at an elementary school in Marin County, California, United States.

This infection occurred after the teacher took off the mask to read it out loud to her students, which she did repeatedly, according to parents, who stated that the school requires teachers, students and staff in general to wear masks. In a sign that the students were following correctly, but the teacher, who was also not vaccinated, removed her mask to read aloud.

In addition to this average, there were others such as classroom chairs and tables with a two-meter space between each one, all classrooms had very strong air filters, and all doors and windows were kept open so that there was proper air circulation.

However, this did not prevent The teacher infected 12 of her 24 students last May; Of the first two rows of the class, eight out of 10 were injured, indicating a high incidence of injuries.

Rochelle Wallinsky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a briefing on COVID-19 that “the introduction of the virus into the classroom by a teacher working at the school, while she was symptomatic and not vaccinated, and removal of her mask while reading aloud to the class led to Situations within the classroom, throughout the school, and among students’ families and community staff.

Although the previous symptoms appeared, The teacher did not report any anomalies or inconveniences that she could suspect to be sick with the COVID-19 virus; He stated that he was experiencing some symptoms, but believed it was an allergy and not the coronavirus.

Inevitably, a chain of infection was unleashed among the students, all under the age of 12, to their families, as well as to other groups in the school where this massive infection originated. In the end, And 27 people were injured, including the teacher. Fortunately, none of them showed serious symptoms.

The CDC has taken the situation as an example they should not follow if they want to protect their employees and students.

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