A total of 93 films aspire to win an Oscar for Best International Film

This content was published on Dec 06, 2021 – 21:35

Los Angeles (USA), December 6 (EFE). The Hollywood Academy announced on Monday 93 films aspiring to win the Best International Film Oscar at the 94th Awards, which will equal the record for last year’s nominations.

Of the 93 applicants, submitted by each country, members of the organization must now vote for their preference until 15 formal candidates are pre-selected, a list known as the “shorlist” to be announced on December 21, 2021.

It is the third year that the award has not been named Best Foreign Language Film in favor of the new title of Best International Film, which as a prerequisite requires that more than half of the film be shot in a language other than English.

Ibero-American applicants are: “El Prófugo” from Argentina; – The “Great Movement” from Bolivia. “Private desert” of Brazil; “White on White”, from Chile; “Memory” from Colombia; – “Clara Sola” from Costa Rica; “La Fiera y la Fiesta” is from the Dominican Republic, “submergible” is from Ecuador, and “Noche de Fuego” is from Mexico.

Complete the listing “Plaza Catedral”, from Panama; “Just the Sun” from Paraguay; – “Manco Capac” from Peru; “A Metamorfose dos Pássaros” from Portugal; “The Good Pattern” from Spain. “Theory of Broken Glass” from Uruguay and “Inner Shimmer” from Venezuela.

Among the absences from this edition are three Latin American nations, Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras, which submitted a nomination last year, although their space is occupied by other additions such as Somalia’s debut.

However, the final list could change because the organization has warned that some films have not been released commercially (online or in theaters) and must do so before the voting period closes.

For its part, the Foundation confirmed that the animation films category includes 26 eligible films, while in the case of documentaries, the number increases to 138 films.

The Academy Awards will be handed over on March 27 with a ceremony that will return to the famous Dolby Theater in Hollywood. EFE

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