Aaron Judge and five Yankees players have COVID-19

Aaron Judge and five Yankees players have COVID-19

MLB alertAfter six, New York Yankees players, including gardener Aaron Judge, Test positive for Covid-19 After the All-Star Game.

This made them have to Match postponed against Boston Red Sox, who opened a file The second part of the season of specialties.

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Concern is imminent, so much so that many players MLS must present يقدم For antiviral tests, after living with the infected person, which may mean a Significant re-growth in MLB.

New York CEO, Brian Cashman, I acknowledge that it is a situation that could put more games at risk: “It’s a flexible situation that can expand”commented.

in the current season, Eight matches have been postponed For Covid-19 infection, this is First since April 19 In a game between twins and athletics.

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