Actress of the Month: Jojo Mbatha Ru

Actress of the Month: Jojo Mbatha Ru

British series fans Doctor from (Her first season dates back to 1963, due to her longevity), Gogo will be remembered for her recurring role. She was Tish Jones at the time David Tennant played the Doctor. But the actress, who was born in Oxford in 1993, has already gained acting experience, especially on stage, as she was Romeo Juliet (Andrew Garfield) or Ophelia in Hamlet (Jude Law).

A group of first roles that quickly caught the attention of Hollywood as he made the leap in 2010 Thanks to this series covers, that although it was quickly scrapped, it helped many to lay their eyes on this translator by the name of the Zulu, the daughter of a South African doctor and a British nurse. His story talks about the first steps like dancer (In her case, not ballet but tap) and her debut in school theater playing the role of Dorothy in wizard of oz (I was 11 years old). From there, everything followed the yellow brick road, i.e. theater, theater and more theater. Until the movie came. We saw her dancing and singing Beyond the Spotlight: Beyond Ambition, And with prosthetic ears Jupiter Ascendant, An expensive science fiction movie for the Wachowski Sisters. Also in the series touch, Together with Kiefer Southerland; in morning show; in belle (a film that changed her perception of the feminist movement, in which she played the role of a slave who fell in love with a white man) or in loki, Where Was Judge In recent interviews, she has stated that she loves working with female directors because they “write more subtle female characters” and are known to Continue its cooperation with UNHCR To the extent of traveling with them to Africa to visit refugee camps in Uganda and Rwanda. Regarding his personal life, he is known to have dated actor Harry Lloyd (Viserys Targaryen was in Game of thrones) Make the cake they’ve left it on, even though they both almost share an obsession with keeping their privacy out of the spotlight. Despite this, Gugu is still a favorite with viewers, especially in her home country, where there has been some fanfare among fans who want to see her role as Meghan Markle in the crown.

We already guessed it didn’t look very good for work. Coming on July 29th on Apple TV + Starring Appearance of, The series that has to rebuild the life he forgot. His interpretation will certainly be as we are used to: 10.

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