Companies will cover IVE expenses for workers

Companies will cover IVE expenses for workers

Several large companies in the United States announced that they will cover the costs of transporting workers wishing to travel to another state to obtain an abortion, after the Supreme Court on Friday overturned a ruling guaranteeing this right across the country.

Keys to a US court ruling that nullifies the right to abortion

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Apple, Disney, JP Morgan Chase, Meta, Netflix, Sony, Starbucks Are some companies that have announced this feature to their employees.

For example, Amazon already announced in May, when a Supreme Court draft was leaked in anticipation of Friday’s ruling, that Save up to $4,000 on travel expenses for employees who need medical careincluding voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVE), ANSA reported.

Disney on Friday acknowledged the “impact” of the Supreme Court’s decision, noting that it “remains committed to universal access to quality, affordable health care” for its employees and their families, including access to reproductive health care and family planning “no matter where they are,” a source told Variety. live”.

JP Morgan Chase’s plan will go into effect in July: The bank will pay the salaries of employees who must travel more than 75 kilometers from their homes.

Lyft will do the same, while Uber has secured legal protections for its drivers who transport women who want an abortion out of the state in which they live.

Friday’s Supreme Court overturned Rule vs. Ru. Wads from 1973which for nearly half a century has ensured the right of women to have an abortion in the country, leaving each state the power to authorize it or not.

Given this decision, made possible thanks to the conservative majority of the Supreme Court, at least eight states have imposed abortion bans and it is expected that they will take place in the coming days.

The US President, Joe Biden, this Friday described the ruling as a “tragic mistake”, and in turn guaranteed the right of women to travel from countries where abortion is prohibited for others, while ensuring access to necessary medicines for those. The women who need them.

“If any state or local official, high or low, attempts to interfere with a woman’s exercise of her fundamental right to travel, I will do everything in my power to combat this fiercely anti-American attack,” Biden added, also noting that “by restricting access to medicines, The maternal mortality rate will increase in the United States.”

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