After the lawsuit, Aqua’s Barbie Girl song will not appear in Margot Robbie’s tape: Barbie, the movie

After the lawsuit, Aqua’s Barbie Girl song will not appear in Margot Robbie’s tape: Barbie, the movie

United State. – first movie Barbie It is prepared in a meat and bone version with very little left to see the light. The actress who will bring life to the beautiful doll in “Barbie, the movie” is Margot Robbiewho we can already see a photo of the actress on the tape.

Warner Bros. is known. Pictures wanted to adapt the movie Barbie for several years, but it was complicated by different situations, but the project was launched only after the participation of actress Margot Robbie.

The movie adaptation of the popular game from the house of Mattel was shown during the major film conference, CinemaCon, which was held this year at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

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They reveal the first pictures of ‘Barbie, the movie’ via Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

Responsible for posting the first pictures of the actress that were marked as the doll was Warner’s official Instagram account, which posted a picture of Margot on top Cadillac In pink with a pink background, and in the description they just wrote “#BARBIE July 21, 2023”.

So far it is known that the director was Greta Gerwigwith a dash of Noah BambauchAnd in the movie, they also participate Ryan Goslingin the role of Kane, plus Emma Mackie, Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Michael Cera, Alexandra Shipp, Issa Rae s Simo Liu.

After thousands of users on social media requested that the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua be added to the live-action of “Barbie, the movie”, it seems that this will not be possible, as according to information received from Variety portal, there is no official invitation from Warner to the poster to include the Aqua song for the movie.

Ulrich Muller Jorgensenthe representative of the lead singer of Aqua, Lynn Nystromrevealed to Variety that: “The song will not be used in the movie.”

Until now Warner Bros. No statement was made about this transcendence in the networks that have already taken a lot of power in recent days, but he already replied that it was not decided to include the song in his movie despite the great fame and success that it could add. For both the set and the Mattel dolls, but Müller-Jorgensen did not provide any other details.

Mattel sued the band’s record company for using the trademark without permission. Photo: YouTube.

Sure enough, the lawsuit between the game company and the band apparently continues, as we remember that after the premiere of the famous song, Mattel He sued the band’s record company, accusing them in court of using the trademark without prior permission, as well as turning a baby doll into a sexual object.

Although at the moment not much is known about the plot that the tape will deal with, there is news that Margot RobbieShe lives in Barbieland, but turns out to be fired because she wasn’t perfect enough, so she goes on an adventure in the real world.

In this sense, critics have currently described the “Barbie, the Movie” story as a mix between the Enchanted films, Giselle’s story, and Legally Blonde. So it’s expected to be a very complete comedy.

The movie adapted from the famous game is dated July 2023. Photo: Private.

Meanwhile, the actress is known to be working on other very interesting projects, such as Canterbury Glass, by David, Russell; Babylon Damien Chazelle; Asteroid City, from Wes AndersonAnd the ruin of Justin Kurzel. So she has more than one project, but she’s ready to make lighter ribbons like those of the famous doll.

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