Al-Taawon supports 26 international aid projects worth €200,000


Alicante City Council, through the Department of Cooperation, has approved grants of €200,000 to various NGOs to develop 26 international cooperation projects this year and next.

The grants from the Department of Migration, Cooperation and Volunteerism, led by Maria Conjero, are divided into three lines: development cooperation projects, international humanitarian cooperation projects, education for development, awareness and training projects. In the first line grants go to fifteen projects with a total of 160 thousand euros; In the second line, two projects are funded with €20,000 and in the third line are nine projects supported by another €20,000.

Congero explained that with these grants, “the participation of the Alicante City Council in the global development agenda, and the 2030 Agenda, is realized, in order to advance comprehensive development at the environmental, social and economic level.”

Specifically, the development cooperation aid will go to the following projects: construction of a women’s boarding school in Uganda by Rafiqi, for which she received €24,983; Obtaining the Right to Housing and Sanitation for Rural Poor Families in Anantapur District, India, from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, worth €25,000; Improving the quality of life of children and adolescents in Ivory Coast, with the support of the Amigó Foundation, for 24,928 euros; Livelihood assistance for women in the context of a pandemic in the municipalities of Joquatic and Mingira (El Salvador), from Solidaridad Internacional PV, for 25,000 euros; Strengthening livelihoods and contributing to the human development of vulnerable productive families in Burkina Faso, from the Red Cross, for 25,000 euros; Children’s Rights for Minors and Youth in Comayagua (Honduras), from SED, for €24,922; And the promotion of knowledge of local water resources to build sustainable alternatives to access to water in the municipality of San Ildefonso Extoacán (Guatemala), by Arquitectos Sin Fronteras, for 10,146 euros.

The International Humanitarian Cooperation Scholarships are divided into two projects of €10,000 each. One is from the Red Cross and seeks to improve the system for minors with disabilities in the refugee camps in Tindouf. The other is being done by World Association physicians to improve access to integrated essential services that have an impact on health in the regions of Balama and Montepuez (Mozambique).

Funded projects for Education for Development, Awareness and Training are: The Hidden Treasure of Titicaca, from Manos Unidas, which receives €2850; Sports and Games: Contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, which receives €5,000; Location: Bringing the SDGs closer to the citizens of Alicante through performing arts and game, from the Red Cross, for €5,000; ODS mobile exhibition and activities for all / as in Alicante, from the Dasyc Foundation, which brings in 3720 euros; And Share: Change the world on a small scale. Phase 5, by Architects Without Borders, for 3,429 euros.

I work with local partners

These lines of support were approved in the penultimate board of directors before the end of the year. These are the grants that NGOs receive in a competitive competition.

The Ministry of Immigration and Cooperation defines this call for grants in order to co-finance projects promoted by non-governmental development organizations, such as private law organizations, legally established and not-for-profit, whose purposes are to carry out activities related to the principles and objectives of international development cooperation. These entities always work in cooperation with organizations that act as local partners in aid destination countries.

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