Alfredo Campo became the US BMX Champion

Alfredo Campo became the US BMX Champion

Alfredo Campo competing in the Tokyo Olympics. Courtesy of COE

Ecuadorean cyclist Alfred Field Keep the address in Florida Motorcycle Championships, United State. The event took place on May 22, 2022.

Campo dominated the race from start to finish and showed the results of his training by beating the Australian in the final Joshua McClain and South African Alex Limberg, Respectively, who formed the podium.

The three colors that were wearing her signature 593-Ecuador code- He dedicated his victory to the homeland and thanked its sponsors. He also took the opportunity to congratulate the cyclists who compete in Italy spin.

The next competition will be held next week in Nashville, Tennessee National Championship, also in the United States. Azuayo’s goal is to repeat the championship he won in Florida.

All these competitions form part of their preparations for the Bolivarian Games, which will be held next June, with which a new Olympic cycle will begin, with the aim of Paris 2024 games.

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