They spent a fortune on a heroine mare and it turned out to be a male

They spent a fortune on a heroine mare and it turned out to be a male
Kept True looks female, but is actually male (AP)

A surprise in the world of equestrian sports after discovering that its champion is multiple keep true It is actually a male, not a mare. Animal pull and auction found the truth that brought the case to court in United State And it caused a scandal.

It all started after the horse retired because he was six years old, having completed a wonderful career in it It managed to get its owners in prizes of nearly 350 thousand US dollars during that time. Being a mare, it is usually put into service with the breeding of new ponies, but before that – in general – you must change owners, because they are usually not the same people who devote themselves more to racing than to breeding.

In this way, it isThe mare was auctioned in 2021 in Keeneland for a value close to 151,000 US dollars. Then, buyers sent her to the lab for routine tests to see if she could get pregnant because the idea was to mix her DNA with some hero colt to continue the winners’ line. But the results left everyone dumbfounded.

The Farm owners Michelle and Alex Crawford actually discovered it keep true Lack of ovaries: “There are obvious abnormalities in a horse’s reproductive organs. Kept True resembles the appearance of a female horse, but the male’s chromosomes are (XY)”They explained in statements published by the British website The Sun. So they demanded that the money invested in the auction be returned to them, which the previous owners refused to do. Then it is justice that determines the situation.

Hero pony can be worth millions of dollars (EFE)
Hero pony can be worth millions of dollars (EFE)

The fact is that this unusual event is not unique. In October 2021, a case was released flamingo girlAnd A four-year-old filly who won a meet in Italy but tested positive for testosterone. Although this was initially thought to be related to a typical doping state, it was later discovered that the animal was a hermaphrodite. “He has signs of being masculine, which is why his testosterone was so high. Testosterone was at his normal level when I was younger, but it increased over time.” His coach, Henk Grewe, explained, surprised by the medical results.

The big question in this type of situation is whether or not horse owners know the condition of their animals. In the event that they are found to be aware, this type of situation can be considered as hidden doping and lead to serious consequences for the people who benefited from the situation.

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