All the important computer games news from CES 2021

All the important computer games news from CES 2021

The annual CES tech show has ended for another year, so I thought I’d round up all the important PC game ads here in one handy place. The big topic this year was, perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of new gaming laptops to help more people get tasks done while working from home, helped in large part by the announcement of Nvidia’s RTX 30 series that has moved to PCs. Laptops, like in addition to many new mobile processors from Intel and AMD. Laptops weren’t the only big news from CES, so read below to find the highlights from this year’s show.

Arguably the biggest and most exciting announcement to come out of CES this year is the arrival of yet another new Nvidia RTX graphics card. At $ 329, the RTX 3060 will come with a whopping 12GB of GDDR6 memory, which is 4GB more than both models. RTX 3060T And the RTX 3070. It’s a strange decision for sure, but I’m intrigued to test it in action once it launched in late February. Anyone guesses if buying will be easier than the rest of Nvidia’s RTX 30 series series, but it’s nice to see the end of affordable next-generation graphics cards begin to emerge, however fleeting store shelves are.

A collection of Nvidia RTX 30 gaming laptops

The other big announcement from Nvidia’s press conference was the imminent arrival of the RTX 30 series laptops. The first models will arrive in late January and early February, and there are plenty of stylish looking laptops from Asus, Acer, Razer, Lenovo, MSI, Gigabyte and more. To watch it.

In addition to significant enhancements to gaming performance, another welcome trend this year is the rollout of several 2560 x 1440 laptops to make the most of Nvidia’s new graphics chips. They don’t stop there either, since many of the best 1440p models all have 165Hz refresh rates as well. Meanwhile, laptops of 1920 x 1080 are also wearable at 360Hz, giving us more options than ever before.

Photo of AMD Dr. Lisa Sue during her keynote speech at CES 2021.
AMD focused mainly on the CPU side of its business during the CES keynote speech, announcing not only the world’s first eight-core CPU for ultraportable laptops, but also their new family of Ryzen 5000 HX series chips for dedicated laptops. For games. The latter will hit many of the aforementioned RTX 30 laptops, as Intel’s corresponding H series of Tiger Lake laptop CPUs still need more time in the oven (in fact, it was the only H-series chips that Intel announced this The week is dedicated to her. The H35 family, Rather than their traditional H and HK gaming chips).

However, it was far from the back end of AMD’s keynote speech to promise the arrival of more RDNA 2 GPUs for both desktop and laptop computers during the first half of this year. They haven’t announced any specific models or pricing information, but you can see in the image above that there are two GPUs on the right, which suggests that we’ll see a successor to some of AMD’s current RX 5000 graphics cards before the end of June. The fact that one of them is a single fan GPU indicates that it will likely be the RX 6500 and RX 6600 instead of the RX 6600 and RX 6700, but whatever the case in the end, it is sure to be more mainstream cards than AMD’s high-powered cards. RX 6800 And the RX 6800 XT GPUs, and hopefully, will bring some much-needed competition to Nvidia’s growing family of RTX 3060 cards.

It’s only in the concept stage at the moment, but Razer announced a suitably crazy gaming chair at CES this year that has a 60-inch foldable OLED screen hidden in the back of it. Razer, codenamed Project Brooklyn, calls it the ultimate entertainment hub, and I’m actually familiar with that as an idea. It’s definitely more functional and easy to use than the brutal look Acer Thronos A chair, for example, and I’m actually pretty excited to try it for real when it gets to production.

And if that wasn’t enough, Razer manufactures, too Metro 2033 Super Power Smart Face Mask. Building on their work making surgical masks for frontline workers last year, Razer has already had a working prototype for Hazel in action, and hopefully it’s here much sooner than Project Brooklyn.

An image from MSI CES 2021 press conference where they revealed their first SSD.
In addition to a slew of new gaming laptops, MSI has announced that it will be making its first SSD this year, and its initial specs are pretty impressive. With sequential read and write speeds of 7000MB / s and 6900MB / s respectively, it appears to be slightly faster than 980 Pro from Samsung And the WD Black SN850, Although we won’t know how its random velocities will hold up until it is launched later in the year.

Asus ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial Z590 is next to a non-Glacial Maximus XIII Extreme motherboard.
Intel did not give us any other details about the time of use 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs Perhaps on display this year (all they said is that they’re still on their way to arriving before the end of March), we’ve received some welcome news about whether they’ll be compatible with current 400-series motherboards. In fact, Asus has come out and said it will release BIOS update for many of its Z490 and H470 motherboards to ensure they still support 11th generation Intel chips, which is a huge relief to anyone who upgraded to one of the 10th Gen Intel Lake CPUs last year.

In fact, when Intel announced that Rocket Lake will be accompanied by a new one 500 Series motherboard chipset, I was worried Comet Lake owners would have to purchase a whole new board to take advantage of Rocket Lake’s new PCIe 4.0 support. We’ll have to wait for further confirmation from other motherboard manufacturers to see if this will be the case on all Z490 and H470 boards, but it’s a promising start nonetheless.

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