Almodovar’s latest movie will be released in Argentina: where and when to watch | NewsNet


Netflix has acquired the exclusive rights to all of Latin America for Pedro Almodovar’s new film, Parallel Mothers, which weeks ago won the Penelope Cruz Award for Best Actress at the 78th Venice Film Festival.

The agreement between the streaming content portal and production company El Deseo, by Pedro and his brother Agustín Almodóvar, is the first with respect to the filmmaker from La Mancha.

Described by some media outlets as Almodovar’s best film since All About My Mother, Parallel Mothers will be shown in Argentina and all of Latin America in early 2022.

In the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Sony Pictures was responsible for distributing the film, which with this title reached the thirteenth collaboration with El Deseo.

“Latin America is a very important region for Pedro’s films because of its potential, its diversity, and the loyalty of fans who have been following Almodovar’s films for years,” they said of El Deseo regarding the agreement with Netflix.

They added, “We hope this new contract will improve the access conditions for the existing fan base and also add a new audience, increasing the population of Planet Almodovar.”

Away from the “small” screen premiere, it is not excluded that the film will also reach theaters in some countries in the region where Almodóvar is one of the filmmakers with the best influence, including Argentina.

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