Alvaro Vidalgo, White Bishop at Solari Chess in America


Gustavo Borges

Mexico, February 4 (EFE). – Because of Meringue’s past color and characteristics on the field, Spanish midfielder Alvaro Vidalgo will be from this Saturday the white bishop in the chess game of Argentine coach Santiago Solari in Mexican American football.

In the same way that chess players use the light-square bishop to retrieve a pawn in the Queen’s Gambit Opening, Solari will rely on the newly arrived midfielder to strengthen his midfield, pull the balls away from the rivals and supply America’s strikers. Team in the league.

Vidalgo, a midfielder who was able to play as a midfielder, made a good impression on Solari when they met at Real Madrid Castilla, a branch of Merengue’s side.

As a beginner, the boy showed humility, dedication and eagerness to learn which attracted the attention of the instructor. Upon arriving in America, Solari imagined him in the field where he had to solve problems and began transferring papers to hire him.

Smart, with good ball handling, dribbling and support, Fidalgo meets the file of the footballer who the Argentine coach was looking for to complete the attack of his team, who in recent months suffered from the injury of the Chilean striker Nicolas. Castillo, the loss of the match against Colombians Andres Ibarguin and Roger Martinez, and in recent weeks the loss of Uruguay Federico Vinas.

In a league where almost all newcomers are asking for some time to adjust to changes in altitude, schedules and weather between stadiums, Fidalgo has arrived at the position of a great footballer and in his first comments he has stated that he is ready to perform as of this Saturday with America.

He said sooner: “It’s a huge challenge, I have come to the most winning club in Mexico. You have to do things well, perform from now on, adapt as quickly as possible and play until people see what I can contribute.” While stepping on Mexican soil.

America, sixth in the clausura standings, will host Puebla on Saturday in search of three points to get close to the top of the table in a duel that could be the start of the Spaniard born in Oviedo.

Fast, strong-minded and with a good vision for the game, Fidalgo received praise for his good vibes on and off the field. The most extreme was by coach Antonio Iriondo, who when he directed him to Magadahonda he regretted that his daughter was older than him because the midfielder was the kind of brother-in-law every father wanted.

Solari will not reach such an overtaking. Now, thanks to the Netflix series, the Lady’s gambit is mentioned in the world even by those who do not know how to play chess, the Argentine coach analyzes his own board in the Azteca Stadium, where Pele and Maradona become world champions.

In the grass court instead of squares, Alvaro Vidalgo would move like a white bishop able to distribute strength across diagonals, be attentive to sacrifices and ready to retrieve balls rather than pawns.

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