AMLO highlights the quality of the tricolor attending the World Classic

AMLO highlights the quality of the tricolor attending the World Classic

Amir Olivares and Laura Boy

La Jornada newspaper
Saturday, March 11, 2023, p. 2

On the eve of Saturday’s confrontation between Mexico and Colombia in the World Baseball Classic, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sent greetings to the national team, wishing that there would be a good game, and wishing the best team to win.

Yesterday the morning conference began alluding to this party and took the opportunity to send his greetings to his Colombian counterpart Gustavo Petro to the people of that country, emphasizing above all that it is the birthplace of “Cervantes of the Spanish language: Gabriel García Márquez, the best writer in Spanish, without a doubt. OhGabo! “

The President added: “I send a hug to Petro, the great President of Colombia, Brother Petro. And congratulations to the people of Colombia for having a ruler like Petro, with ideals and principles, a man who fought for many years for justice, for the freedom of his people, for democracy, he is a great personality and we We love him very much, we respect him and we have a very good relationship.

And music! Colorful skirt and Vallenato. So, greetings to the people of Colombia. And in baseball, the better team will win, but okay, we managed to put together a good team from Mexico and we’ll wait for tomorrow (today) to see what happens.”

Good characters

He highlighted several national ninth figures, led by manager Benjamin Gil and Vinicio Castilla, the Mexican with the most home runs in the major leagues, as a technical coach. With both of them, the chief shared the diamonds in some of his escapes from the National Palace to macanear.

Also highlighted is the presence on the team of Sinaloa pitchers Julio Urías (Dodgers) and Jose Urquidi (Astros), as well as Mexican-born outfielder Randy Arozamena (Rays).

It’s a very good team, with good baseball players, also Mexican kids, and I send them word to ask their parents what Mexico means, and here we are a reason, but also a passion, and in baseball, both things are needed.

He showed the shirts that the tricolor team will wear in the competition, where they will also face the United States, Britain and Canada.

He did not overlook the appeal to nostalgia: rather, he asked that the historical game be in it The best Mexican baseball player of all timeFernando Valenzuela Etchohuaquila bullHe struck out Lou Piniella in the ninth inning of Game 5 of the 1981 World Series, as the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the New York Yankees five times to four, en route to the title.

Look what Mexican legend, to date the best national baseball player of all time, Mayo native Fernando Valenzuela (originally from Sonora) does; Look at what he did as a junior, he was 21, in the World SeriesThe video was broadcast.

With the emotions caused by that outing to the hill in that game the BullClose the boss: Well, nothing more!

The fifth World Championship, which is being held in Japan, Taiwan and the United States, where today the first three matches will be held: Nicaragua faces Puerto Rico in Miami, Mexico – Colombia, and the Dominican Republic – Venezuela and the United States. Phoenix, Britain.

Packed with major leagues led by Gil and star pitchers like Julio Llorías, Patrick Sandoval, Tejuan Walker and Jose Urquidi, the 9th Tricolor team is considered the best team to have represented the country in international tournaments.

They face hosts USA on Sunday and Great Britain on Tuesday and finish the group stage on Wednesday against Canada.

In the series that was held in Asia, Japan added its second victory by defeating South Korea 13-4 in the Tokyo Dome, while Chinese Taipei recorded its first victory by defeating Italy (11-7) in Taiwan.

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