An African American woman who was handcuffed naked by the police when she accidentally entered her home will receive $2.9 million in damages.



December 15, 2021 02:13 GMT

The woman’s apartment was accidentally broken into in February 2019.

The City of Chicago (USA) is preparing to approve on Wednesday a $2.9 million compensation agreement for Anjanet Young, an African-American woman who has sued the city and its police forces for the erroneous raid on his apartment, which took place. in 2019, Picks This Tuesday, NBC News.

The City Council Finance Committee unanimously approved the compensation and recommended that the City Council support the measure during its next meeting, which will take place this Wednesday. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said it was “nice to have this issue resolved.”

It was Young’s apartment level By mistake in February 2019. The police obtained a search warrant for a property located across the street, but an error led her to her home. Body camera footage showed officers arresting the woman while she was naked. When she asked to see the court order, she was ignored. The cops covered Young with a blanket, after which an officer escorted her to a bedroom to get her dressed. Realizing the error, the officers left.

Young reported the episode and legal action was taken. Meanwhile, the Audit Bureau opened an investigation that determined that the officers involved in the site “violated applicable laws and policies,” and recommended various disciplinary measures against them.

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