An intimate tour of how his album was born

An intimate tour of how his album was born

Olivia (19), considered “The Voice of Generation Z”, has received 7 nominations at this year’s Grammy Awards, and just last year, Time magazine named its Artist of the Year.

Written by: Yasmine Gomez Fletas

The songwriter, singer, and actress who rose to fame as a teen already as Taylor Swift or the next Lorde has been compared to her generation for her musical influence. “I’ve always written songs when I’m in the throes of any emotion, it’s my therapy,” Olivia stated in a recent interview.

Cultural reference for Centennial She is best known in the entertainment world for her leading roles in two Disney series: Pizardvark And the High School Musical: The Musical: Series.

After signing a music contract, his first single came out in January 2021 Driving License which broke all listening records and was one of the best selling songs of the year, which propelled her to undisputed fame. Follow that song: deja vu , good 4 yo And in May, the first album arrived: sour.

Her influence was so great that she was invited to the White House. to meet dspecializing in immunology, to rule out the skepticism of adolescents and young adults about vaccines, and thus start a mass vaccination campaign in the United States.

So this documentary, Driving Home 2 U (sour movie) She’s betting on a more intimate look at the writer and composer’s personal journey — as Disney has been betting on music documentaries, for example, as it has been with Billie Eilish — so she’ll show her fans how that idea was born and turned into an album reality.

“This is a unique cinematic experience where, for the first time, fans will understand how her album came out and why it was Olivia’s personal journey. This is not a musical per se, but an opportunity to experience first-hand how Olivia Rodrigo became one of today’s biggest music stars, and a chance to see her perform songs from the movie. Pictures like never before. Disney TV branded in a statement.

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