Ander Mirample, three finals before to take home his fourth Olympics


Miramble faces in Lake Placid America Cup (New York, USA) To three real finals where he will have to climb to the podium to continue fighting for his dream of participating in his home Olympic Games This February in Beijing, after these Vancouver.

2010, Sochi 2014 y Pyeongchang 2018. For now, the Barcelona rider will be out of the event, whose participants close on January 15.

I’m having a real final, and playing finals is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you as an athlete

Under, who has 243 points from his first Tests of the season, has a head-to-head fight against other nations that could put an athlete into the Olympics, such as Australia (254) AH Ireland (251) and he is ten points ahead of him. It was his idea to participate

In December at the three World Cup events held in Germany, but a thigh muscle injury and a change in strategy lifted this new course in The lake is calm, in competitions that give him fewer points, but is instead a head-to-head confrontation and he manages to have more time to recover from his illnesses.

At this time, the IBSF International Ranking will feature Germany and Russia with three athletes, Latvia, South Korea, China, Great Britain, Austria and Italy with two other athletes, and the United States, Ukraine, Samoa, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and Ireland with one. Mirambell will be the first to be left behind the Irish driver, and you also have to look at the best actor of JapanWhich currently has 200 points.

The lake is calm It is a very special circuit for the Barcelona driver, who achieved his best result in the World Cup, where he finished 13th in 2016-2017, and this circuit was also key to achieving the World Cup twice. Copa America, in which he so far shares the lead in overall classification victories with two wins with the North American driver Zac Lund.

The Spanish athlete admits that “I am having a real final, and playing finals is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you as an athlete. It was a good week of training, although the main difficulty is the varying snow conditions, as we went from -12 degrees to +4 With rain in the last training session.”

For this first appointment on Monday, he confirmed he had prepped the sleigh “for hard ice, because these are the temperatures we expect on the three mornings of the competition.” The three exams will start at 9:30 AM (local time).

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