Video. Blue Angels with Selecta in the United States


Salvadorans were once again the majority in favor of Selecta against Chile.

The heat of the Salvadoran fans was once again a source of motivation for the Selecta team in the United States, being the majority in the stands and making a lot of noise in support of the selected people.

From very early on, Salvadorans began to focus around the Bank of California stadium, setting the scene under the beat of Salvadoran music.

The intriguing fact is that fans had to show the immunization card or test result for those who had not been vaccinated. Off the field, there was a mobile booth doing the express test, at a cost of $40. This delayed entry for many fans.

The banners that spread in the popular stands of this stadium after singing the national anthem also drew attention. Someone remembers Diego Armando Maradona, but with a legend that alludes to the Salvadoran national team.

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