Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 5 Minute Updates Implemented by Nintendo – Nintenderos


Since Animal Crossing New Horizons appeared There have been many updates to the gameTo add content and improve the experience. Although it is also true that Nintendo secretly updated the game, without announcing these updates.

In the video I left for you Here are five secret updates Animal crossing game, which most players do not know or have not noticed.

They are as follows:

  • 1. Changes in Bank Interest Rates: Prior to patch 1.2, prices were somewhat higher, and I lowered them to better balance the game’s economy.
  • 2. Mermaid Furniture: There was a bug that prevented players from completing the mermaid furniture set. No access to the mermaid fence. With update 1.7 this has been fixed.
  • 3. Carpet: Repetitive dialogues can ruin the gaming experience, especially for merchants, as they play a major role. Alcatifa offered items like rugs and DIY recipes, but after the purchase was made, things fell apart and it was sent back to start the conversation all over again. Fixed adding another dialog to simplify additional purchases.
  • 4 – Figaro: The lazy villagers in the game used to mention a private dialogue involving Figaro and his coffee. The community knows that this character has already been removed, and he has not yet appeared in the game for the first time. With update 1.2, the studio has eliminated these dialogues. Although everything indicates that it will appear soon.
  • 5. Funny glasses: The addition of these cups made the atmosphere in the villages more fun and humorous. But there was a bug that didn’t allow the glasses to change color based on the character’s skin tone. Nintendo quickly fixed this by improving the appearance of each in-game character.

Here you have the video:

From cool quality of life changes, to deleted dialogs and new items, let’s see how many hidden updates we can reveal.

How many of these did you know?


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