Anna, on a podcast about Hollywood in the 1950s

Anna, on a podcast about Hollywood in the 1950s

when Ana de la Regera While studying to become an actress, she never imagined the importance of her voice, for her it was just another part of the machinery her body gave her to interpret a character. Nearly two decades later, in the midst of the podcast era, the Mexican actress He realizes that only with his own voice can he tell the stories that captivate the listener.

I remember when I was studying acting and we had a voice class, we thought it wasn’t necessary because eventually we’d be in front of the camera, it was like a secondary thing we wouldn’t use, and it’s definitely a whole different field because you do everything with voice and emotions and everything,” the actress shared in an interview via Telephone from New York with Excelsior.

Anna is ready to hear her voice big lies, New exciting podcast that will be part of the contents Audible on Amazon. The actress will become a detective who will investigate, in the 1950s in the United States, the cast of The Salt of the Earth, where the government believes there are communists.

It’s an exciting podcast from the authors of House of Hearts, a detective story based on a true story from the 1954 movie, Salt of the Earth. So significant because it was a movie about working women everywhere, including Latinas, and it was about workers and women’s rights, and that movie was being shot in Hollywood at the time there was this plot about who was a communist.

At the time they were after all those people the government thought were communists and were imprisoning them, and the movie had to be stopped mid-production because they thought the people who worked there were involved with the communists and the podcast goes about that, the movie is over in Mexico, the history of this world He who lived at the time, I do the work of a detective who enters to look for information on the subject,” said de la Reguera.

Anna is no stranger to this new way of telling stories, on the contrary, a few months ago dark records And there’s another podcast ready for release – which he can’t talk about yet – however, The big lie It was an opportunity for the actress to do the process in another way, personally and apply everything she learned in acting school.

In a podcast like this, where pauses are very important, it’s completely different, but I had the opportunity to record with Jon Hamm, because it was important to the director that we do it together, that we get to know each other because podcasts are often created separately, but this time they tried to get us almost all together when we had scenes in pairs; It was also cool because on other podcasts I didn’t have that opportunity, I recorded it on my own, and doing it with a partner is always better.”

Although the topic of the podcast is to capture the events around the Salt of the Earth, one of the tapes classified in the 1950s under the “blacklist” of the US government, it also reflects the division and prejudices that they still live on today.

I think we’ve made a lot of progress, things are not the same as before, especially people can raise their voice more easily with social networks, we have more access to information and to condemn any kind of injustice, I think we all have a phone in hand allows us to take faster action About something that is happening, but it is unreasonable for things to continue to happen, such as having certain prejudices against minorities or against people who think differently.

It’s unbelievable to be in a world where there are dictatorships or where there are terrible grievances when we should be more advanced as humanity, almost the same as us in technology, I can’t believe that in the rest we keep repeating so many mistakes, but for this reason, it is good Also hearing these stories, because you suddenly realize that since or before there was a struggle for workers’ rights, for women’s rights, and it keeps repeating itself, it’s interesting to see that since then there’s been a wave that he’s been against this And he wants working and living conditions to be better.”

On an equal footing with The big lieAnna is working on the second season of the series Anna, which will soon be shown on Prime Video; In the same way, he is preparing for the premiere of two films this year.

I’m with all of Anna’s post production every day, I finished filming the second and third seasons of the series in December. Opens very soon, in the following months, all my time revolves around working on what’s coming, you’ll see soon.

And also for other things like the intro to Army of the Dead, I have to put out Luis Estrada’s movie, Que Viva México, at the end of this year, so they know what’s coming up.”

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