“Another boom?” Vélez closes the door to the technician who speaks for the national team

“Another boom?”  Vélez closes the door to the technician who speaks for the national team

A long list of candidates has emerged in the Colombia national team environment to replace coach Reinaldo Rueda, who although he has not left Tricolor, has his days numbered on the bench after the failure of Qatar 2022.

Several strong names seemed to take over the reins of the chosen coffee grower. Ricardo Gareca, Alberto Gameiro, Juan Carlos Osorio, Marcelo Bielsa, among others, have been the closest in recent weeks. However, in the past few hours, the new candidate looked strong and even from Argentina revealed his name and access possibilities. it’s about Ramon Diaz A historic coach who has had time at teams like River Plate, Independiente, San Lorenzo, among others.

This was reported by Argentine journalist Hernan Castillo, who put his name on the list of coaches looking for the tricolor. “The vigil in Colombia: Ramon Diaz and Emiliano Diaz are against the Colombian national team. Will they continue in Arabia or change the atmosphere?” said the caller on social networks.

Given the prospect of the current Al Hilal coach arriving from Saudi Arabia, famed Colombian journalist Carlos Antonio Velez was outspoken, closing the door to this opportunity for the former River coach. Now they are talking about the candidates. For example, say Ramon Diaz. Seriously, another bum? We already have bum here 7 years. I think this is not possible. The fact is, Velez said on his regular show, that there must be some business people who are going through journalists great words.

“It has to come from Argentina. I don’t think the Colombian Football Federation could even imagine that name. Well, anything is possible, but I think disqualification is automatic. If not, ask in Paraguay, what did he do?

“The truth is, I don’t take it into account. It doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t fit into what I’m going to adopt as a campaign from today: We don’t need a catalyst, culebrero, pimp or employee player. We need someone who really comes to work,” he concluded. .

His numbers with Paraguay

For the national teams, Diaz’s only experience was from 2014 to 2016, When he led Paraguay, the team that did not participate in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, to remain in seventh place with 24 units.

With Guarani, Díaz led a total of 20 games, leaving a balance of 3 wins, 9 draws and 8 losses, data that left a performance of 57%.

It seems that the current coach of Al Hilal Al Arabi will arrive in Colombia. – Photo: Getty Images

For now, in the next few days, a response is expected from the federation regarding the national team jigsaw that will prepare after this sad year to focus on what will be the World Cup in the United States and Mexico in 2026.

What do the other candidates look like?

Specifically, a certain uproar was created around the latter, because after farewell to Leeds United, one of the English Premier League teams, his name sounded strong in the next World Cup qualifiers for the United States and Mexico in 2026.

What conditions will you set? According to the gate one footballAnd the Argentine demanded “to dominate the national under-20 team, which is positive in order to assemble strong operations from the lower categories, which contribute more directly to the first team, with the birth of young players, who do not need it. The main, but they shine and contribute.”

On the other hand, the gaucho will demand that “The Federation respects his position as a coach and does not interfere It is a potentially controversial factor as seen in recent years in the Pékerman and Queiroz operations.

Finally, Loco, as he is nicknamed, will require “a lengthy process that allows him to unite a team to achieve the proposed objectives.”

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