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Irving, Texas, USA (AP) – The NFL is expecting “significant changes” to its COVID-19 protocols, amid the worst outbreak in a three-day period within the league since the pandemic struck. plans.

The source, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because details of the plan have not been determined, said the league and the players’ union are discussing three main issues: testing protocols, and criteria for players who have not shown symptoms and who have tested positive to return. Sooner and messages to encourage members to get the booster shot.

On Monday, the association told coaches and staff that they should receive a booster dose of COVID-19 by December 27 at the latest. Players are not included as there is no mandatory league standings in this regard.

The new variant of the coronavirus has been found in several newly discovered cases, the number of which has increased dramatically in the NFL. The university’s chief medical officer, Allen Sales, described this new phase of the pandemic.

Dr. Sales said NFL owners were told Wednesday that the new measures against the virus would focus on reinforcements to curb its spread. He added that the omicron variant is expected to become dominant within the United States.

The association stated that the total number of positive cases recorded on Monday and Tuesday was 88. But with some players moving in and out of the list, 100 will be more accurate.

However, Commissioner Roger Goodell said there are no plans to cancel the game in which the Cleveland Browns will host the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday.

Eighteen players from the Browns, including half of their 22 players, are on the COVID-19 list.

“Listen, we’ve been raising this over the past two years. That’s a challenge,” Goodell said. “I think the things that made us successful were, first of all, prioritizing safety. Second, we were willing to adapt at all times. Obviously, even in the past two weeks, the changes are very significant. Everything is very different than before, and I think this requires modifications in our protocols in general. We are working on it with the Players Association.”

About two-thirds of the positive tests have been of asymptomatic people, Sells said. When asked if there was any possibility that the NFL would allow vaccinated athletes who have tested positive to play if they are not showing symptoms, Sales said the issue is under discussion with the federation.

“It’s not about when they get them back soon,” Sells said. “We want to bring them back when it’s safe and when they don’t put others at risk in terms of transmission.”

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