Apple releases iOS 16.1.1 for iPhone, that’s the news

Apple releases iOS 16.1.1 for iPhone, that’s the news
iOS 16.1.1

manzana Launched this Wednesday the latest update for IphoneiOS 16.1.1, Which promises new customization options, improved smart features, and more ways to communicate and share. in We tell you what novelties it brings with it.

What’s new in iOS 16.1.1 update

closed screen

.’s new options Lock screen customization It gives users the ability to put their favorite pictures, change the font, and add widgets to find information in a jiffy.

Besides it is now possible Create different lock screens, Each has its own background and style, and you can easily switch between them.

Regarding screen organization, it is now possible Choose to see notifications In the form of a list, stacked or hidden. Plus they now appear at the bottom of the screen to be less distracting.

Photo: Apple.


between the Widgets available in iOS 16.1.1 There are those for checking weather, history, calendar events, time zones, alarms, battery level, progress in activity circles, and more data from apps on the locked screen.

live activities

Even with the screen locked, the file iPhone 16.1.1 Update It allows you to review the track of live activities without having to open the screen.


The methods allow users to create interchangeable “profiles” in which they choose specific apps and notifications needed for specific actions or moments, such as the school, work, and entertainment environment.

Photo: Apple.


It will now be possible to set up or join a shared photo library and add previously taken photos based on the date or people in the photos.

In addition, you can share photos directly from the Camera app and from other people in your shared photo library near you.


Currently Apple allows you to cancel or edit a message you just sent. Additionally, to mark a message as “unread” and leave it for later.

SharePlay in Messages

Now it is possible View shared content while receiving and sending messages.

Refreshing Messages will now also allow you to share notes, presentations, reminders, Safari tab groups, and more, as well as receive updates on projects shared in the conversation.


apimple Announced that it will now be very easy to highlight the subject in an image or crop it by removing the background, and that this functionality is available in Photos, Screenshot, Quick View, Safari and more.

Another smart feature is the ability to copy, paste, translate and share text from a video.


Also, Siri, voice assistantwill allow punctuation and emoji to be used for voice dictation automatically.

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