Apply Ice Code on WhatsApp without blocking your contact


when Call in a The WhatsApp Treatment that bothers you to the point of not wanting to engage communication With this person, the easy and safe alternative is to simply block that number. Although this procedure is effective in relation to the application itself on your smartphone, it does not prevent other possibilities of contacting you, especially if it detects it. locked. But if you want to achieve this effect without getting into struggles that may well save yourself, we will explain how it is done.

Blocking a contact so they won’t send you messages is not complicated but the effects of their realization can be annoying, so you can stop seeing that person or group on WhatsApp or know their chat messages so you can be calm.

Blocking someone else from WhatsApp cuts them off this way, but there are still other ways to contact you. (Pixabay)

It is not a private hack and you don’t need to download others Software, oblivious Meta company -Before Facebook social networking siteWhich service provider this service belongs to Messaging service glimpse as it happens with Instagram.

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What we will do is a function of the same mobile application so that you activate and stop thinking about those annoying contacts, as if they were not there.

To make this hidden block, access the WhatsApp application and enter your chats, enter that conversation that you want to block, by clicking on the option Silence, and fix it immediately forever.

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Once you get it silent So that you don’t get notified when new items arrive in the conversation – regardless of whether it’s individual or group – the following is to archive that conversation to stop seeing that conversation in the conversation’s main menu digital platform.

This is how easy it is to get the benefits of blocking a person or group you don’t want to communicate with, without bothering you for cutting out the medium.

You just have to keep in mind that it’s not a block properly, so your info is like personal picture They will be visible to that person or people, while still being able to write you messages, but don’t even know unless you agree to review them.

If you decide to block it permanently, do not forget that there are still other means besides WhatsApp, such as other social networks or your own phone number.

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