Argentina beat Kenya 19-5 in Sevens’ debut in Cape Town

Argentina beat Kenya 19-5 in Sevens’ debut in Cape Town

Argentina’s rugby team, Los Pumas 7, beat Kenya today 19-5 in their first appearance in Group C of Sevens in Cape Town (South Africa), the third date at the specialist circuit organized by World Rugby (WR).

The victory of the team, led by Santiago Gómez Cora, was embodied by the attempt of Agustín Fraga (2) and Juan Manuel Molinuevo and the transformations of Tobias Wade and Aligo Lavigne.

In the same group, Spain gave the big upset by defeating New Zealand 14-10 and tomorrow Argentina will play against the Spaniards at 3:45 in our country and the All Blacks at 9:48.

Argentina formed today with German Schulz, Rodrigo Esgro, Mateo Graziano, Matias Osadjuk, Fraga, Wade and Lavigne, Fernando Luna, Santiago Vera Field, Franco Rosito, Molinuevo and Simon Benitez Cruz also entered.

The other groups are composed as follows: A, South Africa, France, Fiji and Canada; B, Ireland, Samoa, Uruguay, and Japan; and Dahl, United States, Australia, Great Britain, and Uganda.

On the first date in Hong Kong the champion was Australia and the second in Dubai was South Africa. Argentina finished fifth and sixth in the two tournaments.

The leaders are South Africa and Australia with 32 units, followed by France with 30, Ireland with 29, the United States and Fiji with 27, and New Zealand, Argentina and Samoa with 25.

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