Maravella Martinez returns to the ring in the United States

Maravella Martinez returns to the ring in the United States

Ex-champion Sergio Maravella Martínez, after a break of nearly a year, will fight again tomorrow in Orlando, United States, against an opponent with a discreet record. Kindness.

Sergio Maravella Martinez will be back in the ring after nearly a year without action. He will face the veteran Argentine boxer Noah Kidd tomorrow Orlando, in an agreed eight-round fight in the middleweight division. It will be the first time he has returned to the United States since he announced his retirement in 2014 after losing to Miguel Cotto.

The fight in which Maravella Martinez would return to action was quickly arranged, when it looked like he couldn’t Get Rivals, and will be held at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, as part of programming for the World Boxing Association’s (WBA) annual conference.

After an extended campaign as a charter player, Martínez racked up a record 55 wins, including 30 by knockouts, 3 losses, and 2 draws. Before Kidd would be there, with a poor service record, with 6 wins, 5 on the fast track, 6 falls, and a tie of 2.

Since he hadn’t fought for nearly a year, Maravilla and his team chose a modest opponent for his return. The limit would be 75 kilos, which is approximately 76.20 kilos, for fine semolina; More than the average of 72.57, usual for Argentina.

“I had been preparing for the fight since last July, I was waiting for the possibility, but it didn’t happen. There was a possibility to present myself on December 11. Recently, my new manager Elvis Grant Phillips confirmed to me that I would return to the United States,” Maravella told me.

Since his return, Martinez has defeated invisible opponents. In 2020, he defeated Jose M. Fandino by knockout and then Jose Coevola with a fast track. After another pause, this time due to the coronavirus pandemic, Brian Rose and Macaulay McGowan were defeated by KO via unanimous decision.

Maravilla Martínez has had several fights since he decided to return to the activity and has won them all, three of them on the fast track, but it’s been almost a year since he made his last bid. Kindness.

Tomorrow he will face Kidd, a competitor with a secret background, although he knows he has a great chance if he can beat Maravella Martinez, which will be the most important victory of his charter campaign.

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