Arturo Flores continues to gain experience in the US F4


Leon, G2. The Lyon driver, Arturo ‘Artie’ Flores, was not the best weekend at the Wisconsin circuit, after not achieving the best qualification, he was far from reaching the top ten in any of the F4 races in the United States, where he achieved the best result he was in sixth place Thirteenth in the third race, after finishing twentieth in the first half, and nineteenth in the second race.

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Guanajuato’s problem arose from qualifying, as he was unable to climb from 23rd and had to practically start from behind in all competitions, taking advantage of some mistakes by the other pilots to gain some positions, but without getting into the fight in the course. Out of 13 laps.

Already in the third race, Artie’s times were improving dramatically and he had improved positions, but he still had a lot to aspire to the podium as did the other Mexican in the series, Noel Leone, who finished the second race very soon. From teammate Mac Clark, who ultimately won.

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“I am leaving with a great deal of learning, I made some mistakes that I was able to recover from. There were some complications that came out of my hands and others that weren’t, in the end due to my lack of experience and other factors it couldn’t be better. But I have a huge improvement, and I am Happy with everything I’ve accomplished, “he said.

“We will continue to work hard for what is to come, giving priority to the physical and mental aspect so that we can progress on the next commitment. Well, I thank everyone for their support, my sponsors,” he concluded.

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