Atlas: Who will replace Jairo Torres?

Atlas: Who will replace Jairo Torres?

Midfielder, Atlas Quarry Producer Jairo Torres is about to immigrate to the United States to play for the Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer, and he will do so once the regular season is over and everything seems to indicate that Red and. The Blacks will at least reach the playoffs, as Gairaud will not be able to be with the team, as mentioned in his contract clause.

Now, the task of the coaching staff led by Diego Martin Coca will be to analyze and find out who is the best option to take Jairo Torres’ place in the starting lineup. Regularly, in the absence of Gairo, who was suspended twice in Clausura 2022, it was Edgar Zaldivar, Ozil Herrera, or Brian Trejo..

But the answer may not only be in the quarry, it may come from outside, someone who is already in the team and is rarely used, as is the case with Lucas Rodriguez, who arrived as a boost to this Clausura 2022 and who has barely played nine minutes so far in the competition.

Also Gonzalo Maroni, with his 16 minutes in the Clausura or Franco Troiansky with 232 minutes, could be an option to make up for the absence of Jairo Torres, who depends on good football, dedication, commitment and love of the shirt. For a start, he even helped the team become champion in the 2021 Apertura Championship, being the undisputed starter.



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