Joel Torres affirms that unity and humility are key to Savage’s success – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Joel Torres affirms that unity and humility are key to Savage’s success – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Team unity and humility in each and every one of the players, these are the main “guilty” virtues of having Savage CUU where it is today, in the run-up to the Major Arena Football League (MASL) Grand Final.

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Joel Torres, president of the club that was founded in 2018, has every reason to believe that the team will continue to climb the ladder until it reaches the top. This Monday, Savage CUU will face the current National Champion San Diego Suckers, in their first duel in the U.S. Professional Football League Expressway semi-finals.

One feature is that the game will be at home, in Arena Corner Sport and with the support of noble fans who have become attached and have secured shelter for a group of highly professional players, who have gone from less to more until they become strong competitors. the address.

“We made that commitment strong, we’ve beaten undefeated opponents since 2015. Sure, I think it’s down to the unity in the group, and the humility of every one of the boys. He kept giving them Savage CUU president Joel Torres,” said Joel Torres, president of Savage CUU. The results and I hope it will be like that tomorrow (this Monday) when they play the San Diego Soccer.”

In the face of such a challenge, the club’s board of directors has spared nothing to give the team peace of mind and enough space to take on the important challenge ahead.

The players were accommodated in a large hotel near the facilities of the Arena Corner Sport.

Savage has been placed among the top four teams in MASL, said Joel Torres, who as a manager described himself as a sports visionary who once proposed a team of fast-football professionals and who is now, with great pride, watching the score.

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Savage CUU has a great board committed to continuity: Primo González as sporting director; Juan Carlos Robledo in Operations and Logistics; Alejandra Carrillo Issa in management and Luis Jaime Borrego in technical management, who were able to integrate ideas so that the team runs smoothly and without friction. “We have 28 players, including many for the national team, Berna Valdovinos, Carlos Hernandez, Eduardo Garay, Edgar Torres, ‘El Gonzo’, Brian ‘The Alcoats’, all of them were world champions in this 6v6 fast paced soccer game, The others who came from the Monterrey Flash, Joel said, are all already signed for the next two seasons, so we’ve had a team for a while.

In addition, a big quarry was already set up with youngsters pressing hard like the tasty Cesar Ruiz, who played for Atlante, or Alvaro Loivano, of Braavos sub-20 and who were given the chance and had already had several minutes on the field.

Regarding the game of the two, Joel compared it to the legendary fight between David and Goliath. However, his prediction favors Savage with a 9-7. Let it be.

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