Atletico Madrid: Higuain warns Luis Sorrez of MLS: “You can’t play with a cigarette in your mouth. It’s a tough league”

Gonzalo HiguanThe 34-year-old Argentine striker currently plays for Inter Miami from David Beckham subordinate Mlcareful Louis sure About the cruelty of the American Football League.

“I thought about coming here and playing with a cigarette in my mouth, and instead, it was hard. It’s a tough league,” the former Real Madrid player explained in Christian Vieri twitch.

“I knew it was similar to the Italian,” Higuain said of MLS.

Luis Suarez signed David Beckham at Inter Miami in the MLS?

In recent weeks, reports that Luis Suarez decided to play in the NBA After fulfilling his contract with Atletico Madrid.

The “UF Magazine” He even confirmed that although “the signing has not taken place, Luis Suarez has already agreed to his terms to join Inter Miami when his contract with Atlético expires.”

The madness that Beckham Inter Miami dreams about and works with

Luis Suarez, 35, is ending his contract with Atlético Madrid on June 30.

Luis Soares: “The MLS would not be a bad option”

In 2015, during his first tour of the United States with FC Barcelona, Luis Soares has admitted he won’t one day play in the MLS.

“The other day I was walking in San Francisco and people didn’t recognize me. The country is so big, football isn’t the number one sport and you can be calmer. It’s not a bad choice,” Luis Soarez was honest with Jorge Ramos of ESPN Sports.

“The family is very happy here, it is a country that I love, there is no pressure at all,” the Uruguayan admitted.

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