The Arreu del Món Pilot program is shaped by renewed impulses

The Arreu del Món Pilot program is shaped by renewed impulses

The game of handball naturally expands its network of contacts through countless areas, but the International Handball Federation (CIJB) wants to move forward to continue to promote the sport and its variants, as well as the culture and traditions that exist outside it. This is why the Arreu del Món Pilot programme, promoted by the CIJB, will take a new leap to weave connections between the different regions. And so, next Thursday, May 12, at 7:30 pm, this initiative will be presented at the Galotxa Museum in the town of Godelleta in Valencia.

The Arreu del Món Pilota program is an initiative open to all forms of cooperation and was born with a strong commitment to generosity, a spirit of solidarity, and encounter, and with the aim of spreading the sport of handball in this spirit of equality from the diversity prevailing in the CIJB rules. In the end, it’s about creating game spaces in the simplest way, because it’s about building a small facility, a wall, a flat track in the front, and some lines, so that you can play the ball by hand.

Municipal support

To date, agreements have already been signed with the Adelante Africa Foundation to build a ball game wall in a school in Uganda, as well as with the Ecuadorean National Football Federation to adapt another wall in San Roque (Ecuador). They are projects that restarted after the time of the recent epidemic. We are now entering a second phase in which the Valencian Councils in Godelita – the site of this show -, Simat de la Valldigna and Genovés, two other particularly important cities in the history of this sport, which always support and promote promotion initiatives.

Commitments with Colombia and Argentina

Since the idea is to add and move from a municipality to an international municipality, the intent of this second phase is to provide the necessary assistance for the construction or adaptation of fields on the American continent, specifically in countries such as Argentina and Colombia, both committed to promoting the game of ball. In Argentina, through the prestigious Club Regatas de Mendoza, a wall will be sponsored in the municipality of Guayamen. For its part, in Colombia, through the confederation of Pelota Mano Chazas, a

Chazódromo is in Nariño Province, a region that has already hosted the last and most successful CIJB World Cup. Additionally, Columbia’s One Wall Court is being prepared in the Pereira Province.
Brotherhood testimonials

All this will be made possible thanks to the commitment of the aforementioned municipalities, with their desire to develop a simple, popular and inclusive sport that can be played on any wall. In this way, the names Godelleta, Simat de la Valldigna and Genovés will be engraved on the new buildings as evidence of the brotherhood of the pelota players’ municipalities in Valencia with those of other latitudes, in this case with many common cultural ties.

Maximum cooperation and support

From the very beginning, the Arreu del Món Pilota program has received invaluable assistance from two entities particularly associated with the sport. On the other hand, the José Luis López Foundation, the main sponsor in the internationalization process. Lopez is also the honorary president of the CIJB. Support for Caixa Popular, a CIJB collaborator for many years, has also been key. In addition, there was always encouragement and support from the public administration, both the Valencia Provincial Council and the Generalitat Valenciana.

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