Bad Bunny will star in a Marvel movie inside the Spider-Man universe

Bad Bunny will star in a Marvel movie inside the Spider-Man universe

They may not like your music. – This is absolutely true – but we cannot make ourselves fools: what is wrong with this phenomenon bad bunny on all sides? His music not only sounds wherever they want to go, but he also decided to venture into other media like cinema. That’s why it was just confirmed Sony convinced him to make him the hero of a new character from the world of villains and antiquities.Spider-Man heroes.

As you will remember, since Tom Holland arrived in this universe, the company’s intentions to create several films about this wonderful character have been very clear to us. And so came products like poison With Tom Hardy and more recently Morbius Starring Jared Leto. however, It’s time for Bad Bunny to show that he can also fill movie theaters as an actor.

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Bad Bunny will star in the new Marvel movie at Sony Studios

It turns out that according to various media such as diverseAnd the Bad Bunny himself will be the protagonist of a new movie from Sony Pictures and Marvel based on the deadand thus becomes The first Latina character to lead the cast in a movie like this…a real madness and something we weren’t expecting.

According to the same source, Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio – as the reggae player is actually called – announced that the interpretation of this wonderful character “It’s amazing…so exciting.” They have confirmed it so far The film will be released in theaters around the world on January 12, 2024 And it will be a big step in the career of this Puerto Rican artist, because he has already appeared in projects such as Express train with Brad Pitt himself (over here trailer), Narcos: Mexico On Netflix and even in WWE.

Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny exchange blows in Bullet Train trailer
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And to all this who is Almirto?

Well, after I surprised you With the arrival of Bad Bunny into the world of cinematography for Sony Pictures created around Spider-Manyou might ask, Who is dead? Well, don’t worry, here we will tell you more or less who this amazing character is and why they can be so important.

Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez is the name of this comic book hero. El Muerto is a fighter whose strength is passed on from generation to generation thanks to the mask Which gives him, among other things, superhuman abilities). In the previous storytelling, El Muerto got into the ring with everyone’s favorite wall crawler to beat each other up, but they were also allies.

Bad Bunny will star in a Marvel movie inside the Spider-Man universe
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