Balloon World Cup: the striking competition created by eBay Janos and Gerard Pique, which has sparked outrage on social networks

The World Balloon Championship is one of the most entertaining competitions for young people

The world of balloons created by ebay janus s Gerrard Pique -which – which In 2021, over 8 million people watched it– This year goes for more: He’ll have a national qualifier in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the United States To identify participants from around the world who will be measured in the Great Definition of October.

This will be the first time that files are displayed Balloon World Cup qualifiers in Latin america, The area where the competition comes from the hand of the popular and the influencer Banners Cusco s Momowho announced the Latin American version of the tournament on their profiles.

Register to participate Balloon World Cup Made by Challenges in tik tok Tweet embed. Those interested should upload their own videos and choose any of them BZR . session For music and use #BWCLATAM And the corresponding country hashtag, for example #BWCARGENTINA.

The all-country final will be held in Buenos Aires as the only regional venue, and can be followed via flow through the channel Twitter From Cusco.

The Five Winners – From Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil– Each of them will represent their country in the final stage which will be held in the last days of October in Spain. You face every match in the World Cup Two players in a limited space And full of obstacles, the composition of which varies as the competition rounds progress. The main objective: Make sure that the balloon released by the opponent does not touch the ground.

The first edition of this remarkable competition was held October 14, 2021 in Tarragona, SpainToured the world: watched more than 8 million people, Investigation The golden minute 632494 spectators. characters like Shaquille O’NealAnd the Ellen DeGeneres also Shakira Echoed the event, which came to generate More than 300,000 mentions on social networks.

Momo and Cosco are the two characters who will follow the procedures
Momo and Cosco are the two characters who will follow the procedures

Balloon World Cup rules

The goal of each player is to make the balloon touch the ground. Every time you succeed, you will get a point.

Matches last two minutes. The player who scores the most points in this time wins the match.

– You can only touch the balloon with your hand, if the balloon hits any other part of the body, it will be a point for the competitor.

The balloon should always hit the bottom half, not top to bottom.

– When there is a tie within two minutes of play, the match will be decided with “The Golden Globe”. In this method, players will play an indefinite duel where they can touch the balloon with any part of the body, except for the hands. Whoever makes the first point wins.

– In all matches, there will be a referee who will have the final say in compliance with the rules and will validate the points.

– There is a “Globe Eye”, which will be the VAR in football. The super slow motion camera will be able to solve the doubts and controversies in the game.

– Only the final 5 minutes.

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