Bershka joins “The Squid Game” phenomenon on set with Netflix


Continuing the enduring initiatives developed by the popular streaming platform with the express goal of establishing itself in the fashion world, Netflix has joined forces with Bershka, a young fashion company of Spain’s Inditex Group, in developing a collection inspired by the popular Korean series The Squid Game. Another huge mass phenomenon, on a global scale, which ended up starring Netflix in one of its productions.

Consisting of a variety of men’s and women’s clothing, all inspired by motifs and items from the nine episodes featuring only the first season of the series, at present, the collection consists of several models of a hooded sweatshirt (€29.99) and a long-sleeved shirt. (19.99€) and different designs for short-sleeved shirts (15.99€), which we will also find illustrated with different motifs from the series, including a single front illustration of the doll appearing in the Squid Game.

“The Squid Game, the most-watched series in Netflix history, deserves its own set, and here it is!”

Netflix and Fashion: From fueling Halston’s comeback to his Balmain collaboration

On the part of Netflix, this was not the only measure in this regard that they developed in order to exploit the huge interest generated by the Korean production. Being in this sense is able to find, in its recently launched official online store, a large number of other Squid-inspired items, such as various Funko Pop dolls, also available for international shipments, as well as a large number of clothing items, at the time The current – and we don’t know if they will ever be – is not available for shipping outside the US to countries like Spain.

Far from being punctuated, the procedure that Netflix developed in collaboration, now, with Bershka, the leading American multinational broadcasting company has, for a time, demonstrated its interest in expanding into the field of fashion, by developing intimate collections linked to some of his biggest hits. A diversification of its business model inaugurated by the multinational in embracing the success of Halston, which it did not hesitate to give continuity through actions like this, to the permanent clothing collections it hosted from its new official online store, or through collaborations like the one I was doing, a few before Only months, with Balmain. A French fashion company has included in its catalog watching it through a documentary starring Olivier Rousteing, creative director of the famous Parisian fashion house, who was later invited to participate in the feature film “Harder is the Fall” by designing some clothes for the movie. A collaboration that ended up opening the door to the creation of a limited-edition capsule collection, inspired by the movie itself, Netflix x Balmain.

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