‘Los Mercenarios 4’ Release Date (2022), Trailer, Cast. Movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham


Los Mercenarios was born as a kind of celebration of both the 80s action cinema and its great stars. captain Sylvester StalloneThe film was well received at the box office, so we soon saw both the second and third installments that didn’t do as well at the box office as expected. It seemed more and more difficult for “Los Mercenarios 4” to become a reality, but finally the project kept moving forward, also counting again Jason Statham, whose popularity has skyrocketed thanks to his participation in the Fast & Furious saga.

“Los Mercenarios 4” is already filmed with Scott Woo He takes the director’s chair and promises to be one of the premiere action films for next year. Below you will find everything that is known about it so far, information that we will update as more news is published.


It’s not officially clear what story this new adventure will tell for the group led by Barney Ross, but while it was said the movie could be a spin-off centered around Lee Christmas, the character played by Statham, already the title of her work was “The Chistmas Story.” It was said at the time that filming would begin this year, so, necessarily, it had to be the same project. Unfortunately, nothing more is known than that.

Actors and heroes of the movie ‘Los Mercenarios 4’

Stallone, Statham, Dolph Lundgren y Randy Couture They take on the characters they’ve already played in the previous three installments, currently unknown if we’ll ever see someone else again. I imagine we’ll find out soon, but I hope at least Arnold Schwarzenegger will also appear, or have a look like the one in the first part.

Of course, these four representatives will not be alone precisely, since there are Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa and Andy Garcia. They’re not bad companions, but at the moment it has not been announced which characters they will play. I hope Garcia is the villain or one of them, and I can still remember how good he was in that role in ‘Ocean’s 11’.

Director and screenwriter

Scott Woo

Scott Woo He was chosen by Stallone to handle the fourth installment he created. Waugh became known in Hollywood in 2012 with Act of Valor, an unexpected box office success that catapulted his career, something he capitalized on to make his leap into the blockbuster world just two years later by jumping to the big screen video game Need for Speed. . It wasn’t bad for him at the box office, but it wasn’t the expected success, so he ended up directing Pago Cero: A miracle on the mountain in 2017.

Later, Waugh tried his luck in Chinese cinema X-Traction Project, linked tape Jackie Chan and John Cena She seemed destined to be a phenomenon in her homeland. However, it still hasn’t enjoyed commercial distribution, so we’ll likely see “Los Mercenarios 4” before.

For its part, the script is provided by Spencer Cohen (‘extinction’), Max Adams (“Dangerous Goods”) and Debutante John Joseph Connolly. None of them have proven particularly adept yet, but perhaps the combination of talent is the key to “Los Mercenarios 4” to have at least a script that isn’t a slab.


Recordings for “Los Mercenarios 4” began in September 29, 2021 Many of the participants have already posted several photos on social networks showing that they are actually working. You also have a video of shooting with Stallone riding a motorcycle.

Trailer, Pictures & Poster

Megan Fox Mercenaries 4

We still don’t have official pictures for the movie, we’ll have to wait to see our old action movie stars in action again.

When will ‘Los Mercenarios 4’ be released in theaters?

“Mercenary 4” It will be released in 2022However, at the moment, the exact date has not been announced. Of course, the previous three all launched in August, so the most reasonable thing to do is to assume that the same will happen in this case.

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