The result of “La Casa de Papel”‘s victories in Canada and the United States is the most watched on Netflix


“La Casa de Papel” has ended, or at least in relation to the original series, since “Berlin”, its first show, began. Expect to know How the heist of the most famous gang of thieves on TV ended was huge Hence, many fans called Netflix on December 3rd to watch the latest episodes.

river in

River in La Casa de Papel

The success of the second volume of Part V was confirmed in Spain, where it ranked among the most watched volumes on Netflix. However, this has been a success He has also achieved this coveted position in the United States and Canada, as demonstrated by the Twitter account of Vancouver Media, its production company.

America fell and surrendered to the resistance. The United States is ahead of “La Casa de Papel” before “Lost in Space” and “A Very True Story”, while with regard to Canada, It also beat the science fiction series, whose third season premiered on December 1.

Will he be able to break his own record?

Netflix has thrown the house out the window inviting fans to see the result of one of its most successful films. At the moment, the record of views in the first four weeks since the premiere is kept by the first volume of the fifth installment, which 69 million accounts should see it. In this way, it exceeded the data obtained for the fourth season by 4 million. It would not be surprising, when it comes to the result, “La Casa de Papel” has managed to overcome itself.

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