“Daggers in the Back 2” release date (2022), trailer, crew. Film directed by Rian Johnson


“Rear Daggers 2” It will be the first fruit of a multi-million dollar agreement that he accepted Netflix For two more batches of the universe created by ryan johnson On the role of Detective Benoit Blanc Daniel Craig. The platform is always on the lookout for new franchises and here they had a rare opportunity to get one franchise in action already that captured both audiences and critics.

The sequel to “Daggers in the back” has already completed filming in Europe, and it’s already a matter of time before we wake up one day and it’s already available on Netflix to see. Everything indicates that it will be in 2022 when we can see this new puzzle, like its predecessor High level team.


Detective Benoit Blanc will have to solve a new case, but this time she will be in a completely different situation. Beyond that, it’s all speculation at the moment, as Netflix hasn’t released any kind of official synopsis on what we might see in this sequel to one of the biggest surprise hits of recent years, costing “Daggers in the back” $40 million. It collected 311 million.

Actors and heroes of ‘Daggers in the back 2’


Daniel Craig is the only one who repeats existence Regarding the first installment, since the No Time To Die protagonist took very little to find a new franchise after closing its stage as James Bond. Here he will have to solve a new mystery that gives life to curious detective Benoit Blanc and the actor himself It has already commented which – which”It’s very differentto her ancestor.

Plus, he’ll go along well with Craig in Backstabbing 2, given that the Netflix original movie has assembled a cast full of faces known to the general public: Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Catherine Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr. (“Hamilton”), Kate Hudson, Madeline KleinOne of the protagonists of the Outer Banks series. Jessica Henwick, which we will also see soon in “Matrix Resurrections”, and Ethan Hawke. Unfortunately, we still don’t know anything about the characters that each of them will play.

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ryan johnson

Rian Johnson’s name is hugely popular thanks to the controversial Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but he’s already been a director many moviegoers have followed since Brick, his first feature film released in 2005. After a small setback supposedly “Bloom Brothers”Johnson is back on track thanks to the awesome “Looper”, not forgetting his contribution to “Breaking Bad,” a series from which he directed some of his best episodes.

Then he had the opportunity to go to a galaxy very, very far away, going so far as to say that the hatred the film aroused in some viewers was one of his inspirations for “Daggers in the back”. It was said at the time that he would make more universe movies ‘star Wars’But it seems that the project is paralyzed because it has not been reported for a while.

In fact, they have recently focused on the “Daggers in the back” sequel that he is preparing for Netflix as a result of a millionaire agreement under which he and Craig They will each receive $100 million To share it at both addresses. Naturally, they are given top priority…


Filming of ‘Daggers in the back 2’ began in Greece at the end of June 2021 and It lasted until September 13th This year, in other locations outside that country such as Serbia. There were no setbacks of any kind during the film’s recordings.

Trailer, Pictures & Poster

The film is surrounded by secrecy at the moment, so only a few photos recorded during filming have appeared on the Internet. There is no other choice but to wait for Netflix to release its first official appearance.

When does “Daggers in the Back 2” premiere?

Daniel Craig

‘Back Daggers 2’ is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2022, but the truth is that the platform has not even identified who is responsible. However, filming is now over and there is no reason to delay its release any further.

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