Black Clover Chapter 362: Spoiler,Raw Scan, and Release Date


Black Clover, the esteemed manga series created by Yūki Tabata, has amassed a massive global following since its initial release in 2015. The perfect blend of adventure, fantasy, and action has been the source of its popularity. The fascinating narrative, paired with intricate artwork and well-developed characters, has left fans yearning for each new chapter. As we eagerly await the release of Black Clover Chapter 362, let’s explore what we can expect from this upcoming chapter and take a look back at the gripping events of Chapter 361.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 361
  • Release Date: June 18, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Adventure & Fantasy
  • Where to Read: Viz Media

Popularity of the Show:

Since its debut, Black Clover has been a significant player in the anime and manga realm. Its unique take on magical battles, power of friendship, and the captivating underdog story of Asta, a magic-less boy in a world where magic is everything, resonated with audiences worldwide. With a loyal fan base spanning across the globe, Black Clover has proven to be a powerhouse, matching the popularity levels of other iconic Shōnen series.

Renewal Updates of Black Clover Chapter 362

As of the current schedule and updates from Shueisha, Black Clover Chapter 362 is set to release as planned. Fans can rest assured that their favorite manga is set to continue its magical journey, bringing more action-packed adventures and emotional moments.

Release Date of Black Clover Chapter 362:

The highly-anticipated Chapter 362 of Black Clover is set to release on June 18, 2023. This release date is tentative, subject to the usual schedule barring any unforeseen delays or breaks from the author or the publisher, Shueisha.

Cast of Black Clover Chapter 362

The core cast of Black Clover features Asta, the ever-enthusiastic protagonist, Yuno, his calm and collected rival, and a myriad of other compelling characters, each with their own unique magical abilities and personal struggles. These include the members of the Black Bull squad such as Noelle Silva, Finral Roulacase, Luck Voltia, and others, along with the Golden Dawn members led by William Vengeance, and characters from other kingdoms, to name just a few.

Black Clover Chapter 362 Spoiler 

While the exact plot details for Black Clover Chapter 362 are kept under wraps until its official release, there are a few educated guesses that can be made based on previous chapter’s developments.

The upcoming chapter will likely delve deeper into the aftermath of the intense battle between Yuno and Lucius, and Asta’s role in the unfolding drama. Will he, with his anti-magic ability, be the key to overturn Lucius’ ascension? Or will there be an unexpected twist waiting to unravel? The anticipation is high, and the possibilities, endless.

Black Clover Chapter 361 Recap 

Chapter 361 of the beloved manga series “Black Clover” left fans at the edge of their seats with its captivating storyline and intense battles. This chapter opened with a cliffhanger from the previous installment, laying a complex and adrenaline-fueled foundation for what followed.

The chapter kicked off with a fierce confrontation between Lucius and Yuno. Previously, it seemed that Yuno’s formidable assault had killed Lucius. Yet, the seemingly invincible antagonist stood unscathed, to the shock of many readers.

Lucius’ brazen announcement that he harbored the magic of the soul, body, blood, and bones, coupled with his ability to clone himself, added another terrifying dimension to his character. His declaration of intent to establish a “new primordial nursery” gave the audience a hint of his plans, creating a greater sense of urgency for the heroes.

Meanwhile, Yuno demonstrated an impressive understanding of the current situation and his strength. He recognized that the war is still far from a decisive victory or defeat. In a turning point in the chapter, Vanessa and the Witch Queen sought assistance in locating Asta, who was still alive but had been moved to a new location. Dorothy, fully confident in Asta’s abilities and potential due to his capability to see the future, put her faith in him to overcome Lucius’ might.

The stakes were further raised when Asta was brought back via “The Door of Destiny” by the Black Bulls. This maneuver was permitted by the Witch Queen, making it a significant step in the face of the impending danger. Despite the high-tension scenario, the chapter concluded without a cliffhanger, setting a new pace for the next installment.

The unchanging determination of the Wizard Emperor was also a notable aspect of the narrative. He continued his plan to establish a new primordial nursery and ascend the throne of the Wizard Emperor. His resilience in the face of adversity and his unwavering focus on his end goal added depth to his character, further increasing anticipation for the following chapters.

In summary, Black Clover Chapter 361 offered a powerful mix of gripping confrontations, shocking revelations, and strategic advancements, leaving the fans excited for the developments in Chapter 362. The complexity of the narrative, combined with the deepening character arcs, not only added to the overall allure of the series but also set the stage for an epic continuation.

Raw Scan Release Date of Black Clover Chapter 362

The raw scans for Black Clover Chapter 362 are expected to be released a few days before the official release, approximately around June 15, 2023. These scans are generally the unofficial translations provided by global fans, which tend to surface on the internet after the chapter’s release in Japan.

Ratings of the Show:

Black Clover has consistently received favorable reviews and ratings. The anime adaptation holds a solid rating on sites like MyAnimeList, Crunchyroll, and IMDB, testament to the series’ quality in storytelling, character development, and animation.

Review of the Show:

Black Clover has consistently delivered top-tier content, becoming a pillar in the Shōnen genre. Its ability to mesh classic fantasy elements with a contemporary twist makes it a breath of fresh air in the anime and manga world. With a cast of well-developed characters, each with their unique magic and traits, Black Clover never fails to entertain and inspire, maintaining its high quality throughout the series.

Where to Read:

Fans can read the latest chapter of Black Clover upon release on official platforms such as VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus. Reading from these official sources supports the creators and the industry, allowing fans to contribute to the continued creation of their favorite manga.


The upcoming Black Clover Chapter 362 promises to deliver an exciting continuation to the series’ ongoing narrative. With the story at such a critical junction, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the new chapter’s release. With new secrets to be uncovered and battles to be fought, the magical world of Black Clover continues to captivate its audience, one chapter at a time.

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