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Blackhat appears to be facing a second chance, and it’s an action racing movie with Chris Hemsworth that’s among the top 10 movies on Netflix in nearly every country.

Nick Hathaway is serving a sentence in a Pennsylvania jail when the US government asks him to help find a mysterious intruder who has puzzled the nation’s most prepared detectives. Racing and a lot of vanity in a movie that last week became his latest cry.

Black Hat S.E premiered in 2015 In theaters and it was a disaster, you can blame Clint Eastwood’s The Sniper who got all the applause and attention at the time on the billboard. Six years after that, Netflix listed it in its catalog.

In Spain it is now number 6 on the list of most viewed content, but in Japan, Denmark, Colombia or Bulgaria Is it number one to me Web Flex Patrol. In most countries where the streaming platform operates, the movie is located in Top 10 results.

Netflix has revealed the 10 most viewed original movies of all time, including Spanish El hoyo. Pay attention to the titles that make up the arrangement and don’t miss the opportunity to see it (if you haven’t already).

She can only be her manager Michael Mann, Collateral Director, Enemigos Públicos, or Manhunter among others. The style of this movie follows the director’s other successes with cocky dialogues, long footage of the heroes running around and plenty of style in fashion, with technology and cybercrime as the theme.

A movie to watch on Friday afternoon and have fun away from the horrific reality that surrounds us now. More than two hours into the movie in which Hemsworth shines away from his northern hero image, with company Lecturez Tang Wei. The governments of China and the United States will have to work together to rein in the mind responsible for a dangerous cyber attack.

From the United States to a tour of a large part of Asia showing almost impossible traditional and modern scenarios, the film can attract a very wide audience, unless explained is the reason for its success now and not before.

  • Eligible: Black hat
  • Duration: 2h 13 min.
  • date of publication2015:
  • a program: Netflix

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