Bloz, when does the korean drama where BTS’ Jimin sings start premiering on Netflix?

Bloz, when does the korean drama where BTS’ Jimin sings start premiering on Netflix?

Our sweatshirtIt was shown a few weeks ago in South Korea and in Netflix United States, so there is doubt about when it will open korean drama where he sings Jimin from bts in Latin America through the famous broadcasting platform. At Só, we share with you the official history when it can be seen in Mexico, as well as other Latin American countries.

Since the release of the K-drama was announced, ARMY has been feeling a lot of excitement because of a singer bts It will be part of the OST and there is also an idol cameo. K-drama fans also joined in the emotion that the show generated because of the message the plot wanted to convey.

The drama follows a group of Jeju Islanders who find themselves involved in a love affair. writer ‘our blueNoh Hee Kyung, at a conference, explained that the program carries a message of hope: “The blues are the songs that people who suffer sing so that they don’t feel more pain (…) Although there are scars, I hope it’s as fun as the festival.”

When does Our Blues premiere on Netflix?

Within the first offer of the month of May for the index Netflix Latin America, it was announced that from May 21, 2022 it will be possible to see “Our Blue Horizon”, a title in Spanish”Our sweatshirtWhich means that fans will be able to enjoy the sound of Jimin In the “with you” of this month through the service.

In addition to singing in the OST, singer bts His fellow members also have cameos in Korean dramas. The big news is that the “look” of the band members can be seen in the first episode when a group of students from a school bus wink at the idols in their uniforms.

Lee Byung Hun plays Lee Dong Seok in Our Blue Horizon; Shin Min Ah, who plays Min Sung Ah; Han Ji Min as Lee Young Ok; Kim Woo Bin as Park Jung Joon; Cha Seung Won as Choi Han Soo; In addition to other Korean screen stars.

Yes good ‘Our sweatshirt‘Premiere performances on May 21 in Netflix Latin America, only two episodes will be released each week. However, the voice of Jimin from bts He will coordinate the wait to watch the full korean drama.

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