Bolivia’s Triumph: Giant Bolivia Water Lily Now Discovered by Scientists That Was ‘Hidden’ for 177 Years

  • Rebecca Morell
  • Science reporter, BBC News


New types of seeds have been planted

A new scientific study has discovered a new species of giant water lily, baptized Victoria Boliviana, in honor of Bolivia, where it grows, which has been on display for 177 years under the name of another species.

The colossal plant has been recorded in the archives of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, and has been growing in many aquatic collections in the gardens, but has been incorrectly identified as another species.

Now, a new scientific study has revealed that it is actually a new species. In addition, this plant, which grows in one watershed in part of the Amazon River system, holds the record for being The largest water lily in the world, with leaves over 3 mEaters Wide.

“totally different”

Botanist Carlos Magdalena, one of the world’s leading experts on water lilies, had long suspected that the plant was different from the other two well-known giant species, amazon victory s Cruz victory.

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