Feral: She wanted to surprise her boyfriend by bringing him food to work and found him with another woman | News from Mexico

VENEZUELA – An unpleasant sight spread of a Venezuelan girl named Cristina and she never imagined the surprise she would be surprised when she went to the place where her boyfriend works.
Through a video he shared on his account tik tok He told his story and unleashed many comments on his networks.

the girl He decided to surprise his partner by bringing him food to work. “I’m going to bring lunch for my friend, what could happen?”Christina wrote next to the picture of the container, a container used to hold food.

Once at the scene, the Venezuelan woman discovers her boyfriend is in an awkward position with a partner. “My love, wait, it’s not like that, let’s talk. Don’t get things wrong, she’s a co-worker, I’ve been hugging her because she’s having a hard time.”can be read in the WhatsApp chat that the girl showed as well.

But not everything was there because the infidel kept sending messages to the girl asking her to at least deliver food.

I received endless messages. Many expressed their annoyance with the man’s attitude. “Let your co-worker bring you food”; “I am unfaithful to you, but bring food”; “The worst thing is that the food looked so good,” pSome comments were.

There is no doubt that the girl did not expect such an unpleasant situation that happened and this will undoubtedly serve as an experiment for future relationships.

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