The shooting was reported during a Fourth of July celebration in Philadelphia; There are two injured people – El Financiero

Shooting during celebrations United States Independence Dayat least two policemen were wounded, in Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia (USA).

The attack occurred at 9:47 pm (GMT-4), while many people had gathered on the final day of the event. Wawa Festival Welcome to America.

According to local media, the shots came from an area near 25th Street and Spring Garden Street, just behind the concert venue. Those present huddled under the podium in confusion as to what was happening.

The victims – who reported gunshot wounds to the head and shoulder – are in the hospital. His condition has been reported as stable.

Events happen after hours Illinois (western US) There were reports of shootings that left at least six people dead, including a Mexican. The attack occurred in the middle of a military parade on the Fourth of July.

The person responsible, Robert Cremo III, a 22-year-old armed and dangerous man, has already been arrested by the authorities.

Subject lives in Highland Park, calls himself He woke up, a nickname he uses in his role as a rapper. Cremo describes in a song of his own: “My actions will be courageous and my thought superfluous. I know what I must do, and I know what is inside, not only for myself, but for anyone else.”

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