Minnesota records the Northern Lights in the sky

Minnesota records the Northern Lights in the sky

Incredible view of aurora borealis was registered in MinnesotaAnd the United StateTherefore, many people were able to witness this phenomenon in skysome parts of the recording from that moment.

When did Minnesota Northern Lights happen?

The aurora borealis lit up sky about him Jackson Countyin Minnesotaeast Saturday In the morning (July 2). a video picture of an eyewitness, Judy Allena sample Bright green lights In slow motion.

Why does this phenomenon occur?

This phenomenon, also known as Northern lightsit is a result of Electrically charged particles from the sun who enter Earth’s atmosphere. This generates it in sky The color stands out in the dark.

What other events were recorded in the sky?

In general, these events are usually served in the north planet earthExample aurora borealis Surprised tourists and residents of Rovaniemi, Finland, two years ago; There, unbelievable natural phenomenon It happened on a Friday night and lasted until the early hours of Saturday, all just for fun photographers local and some tourists who visited that city.

The aurora borealis They continued to appear for several hours and although it seemed that the show was about to end around two in the morning, the so-called “Northern lightsHe came back stronger, illuminating the sky uninterruptedly for more than 30 minutes in a trail of color green fluorescent s white a Has risen s lilac.

Just like in Minnesotawho also had what he had in 2021 with aurora borealisshe was AlaskaWhich scored beautiful color-coated postcards; Where pictures of witnesses are shared social networks Show Like natural phenomenon light Fairbanksa city known for its perfect view of the aurora borealis due to its location in the so-called “aurora borealis oval“.

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