Brad Pitt rules out retirement and prefers to take the cinema in small sips

Brad Pitt rules out retirement and prefers to take the cinema in small sips

American actor Brad Pitt, 58, with dozens of films and awards, says he has decided to take cinema and life in sips, “film after film,” and denies that he is considering retirement.

Judging by the laughs she elicited at a press conference in Paris, the method works perfectly.

Pitt and film director David Leitch presented “Bullet Train” in Paris on Monday, a comedy with an air of action on a train between Tokyo and Kyoto where seven killers meet in the lanes and try to get rid of them in the middle, more or less. luck.

The film begins in the United States on August 5.

Pete explains that black humor and gags were “a very important thing in this movie.”

“I love doing all kinds of movies, new shows,” he adds.

“At my age, I’ve made enough mistakes. I hope you’ve accumulated enough experience of what you did right, and what you did wrong. Now you have to be able to apply that kind of wisdom,” he mused.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the translator of “Fight Club,” or “Seven,” admitted the feeling of living “in the last semester” of his career.

He adds, “It seems to have been interpreted as a retirement announcement. But that’s not what I meant… What I wanted to say is that I’m already facing the last stage, last season.”

The question is, “How do I want to spend that time?”

“But this is by no means a withdrawal,” insists Al-Habib.

– “Her laughter is contagious!” –

Brad Pitt is not lacking in projects: his next film (“Baylon”), with Margot Robbie, will again focus on the Hollywood of the past, like Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time …”, which brought him great success. Oscar the first interpretation of 2019.

As a producer, at the helm of Plan B, Pitt has won three more Academy Awards, and is looking to the future with several films in the pipeline.

“I love him, because you were able to promote new talents, you are part of projects in which you will not necessarily have a place as an actor,” he stated.

He adds, “For the rest…well, I don’t know. I go from movie to movie, and the last thing I did determines what I’m going to do next.”

“I love live streaming platforms and movie theaters,” he says.

Faced with the assertive stance of other stars like Tom Cruise, who only want to appear in big theaters to contribute to the sector’s survival, Pete is unconcerned.

“The films were very expensive…they were either huge projects or very intimate projects, and it seemed like there was no room left for anything else,” he mused.

“The ground platforms have opened up to other voices,” he says.

“I’m in awe of the things I see,” he adds, with his eyes sparkling. But at the same time “I just got back from the cinema, from watching ‘Elvis’. I’m a huge fan of (Major) Austin Butler, I think he’d do great things. And I had a great time, it was great to be back in the movies.”, he added.

Pete seems relaxed and calm about the future. Leave behind a high-profile divorce with Angelina Jolie, which is still causing waves.

Brian Terry Henry explains in another press conference: “Brad is not just a legend, but he’s a master of what he does. And I think we met him at a point in his career where he wanted to have the most fun.” (40 years old), one of the representatives of “Bullet Train”. “His laugh is contagious!”

“When I’m serious, that doesn’t bode well for anyone,” Pete admits with a laugh.

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