‘Resident Evil’ is Netflix’s most watched mistake

‘Resident Evil’ is Netflix’s most watched mistake

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We’re sorry to inform you of this news, but what seemed like a succulent adaptation of Live action or direct event From The amazing saga of video games survival horror, Resident Evil was a fiasco on Netflix.

Previously, we talked superficially about what is expected of him This adaptation to the small screen. Only 5 days after the first show, The “Resident Evil” series failed to impress the audience of the platform From running, what caused that?

There are two edges that led to the failure of this chain, the first and most important: It’s not scary. According to various comments and reviews, ‘Resident Evil’, went further in the action part, leaving aside the horrific horror.

This feature is the common thread of the story, along with the plot of bioterrorism and the catastrophe that these actions leave for all of humanity. Those who played the video game, They’ll know it’s impossible not to jump in and close their eyes a little when we have them on the screen

Netflix has a bad reputation when it comes to adaptations

Although considered Worst adaptation so far From this survival horror saga, the series ‘vampire’, he is Most watched so far on Netflix, is set as The most watched series in the United States and Russia; At the same time Mexico It occupies second place.

Perhaps it is, because many people are fascinated by this sequence and how satisfying it gives them to see it.

Opinions are divided – as always – between the fact that the production is to blame and not the actors and actresses who participate in it.

On the other hand, for fans of this saga, they find it strange (albeit not bad). Suggest that the characters be of African descent. A risky decision, because far from helping society, it could be somewhat detrimental to giving an African American a role in Nazi ideology.

However, don’t lose hope and dare to see it, in full, yeah Resident Evil ends in disappointment you have already been warned or warned; And if not, we’ve got you a little intrigued.

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