Brazil is supported by India in the Qatar World Cup

Brazil is supported by India in the Qatar World Cup

Qatar– Hundreds of Brazilian fans from India came to Lusail Stadium to support Verdimarella in their debut in Qatar 2022, against Serbia.

In India, the Brazilian national team is everyone’s favourite, with figures like Neymar and Casemiro, which is why so many people from this country have been seen wearing green and yellow around the World Cup building.

Weiss Faez, 34, arrived in Doha with his friends, who are also part of a group of more than 200 people.

Vaz and his friends carry a blanket with the legend of Brasil Fans-Mathilakam, which is the city they come from.

“We love sports and football, football unites everyone. It’s Brazil, that’s why we love it and we’re here,” the fan, who looked delighted, tweeted.

As he tells of his love for Verdeamarela, some speakers play songs that bring joy to the visitors, such as the traditional song from Brazil, plus the fact that the organizing committee has put together the batucada to start cheering the crowd on when they arrive, plus a percussion set from Uganda.

There are also Serbian and Mexican fans, but they are few compared to the vast majority of Brazilians but of different nationalities, both local and Indian.

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